How to Start a Skincare Brand with Our Help

Are you a new business owner who wants to develop a skincare line? Perhaps you already have one that you wish to update? Our Beautiful Solutions Ltd team includes qualified cosmetic formulation chemists with experience in cosmetic product testing. Discover how to start a skincare brand by including us in your testing and production process.

Use our scientific, practical knowledge and testing lab to release the power of nature to create skin and beauty solutions. With the help of our chemists, new product development, clinical trial, and innovation managers, they can convert their ideas into effective formulae.

Chemistry and Innovation at Your Service

When you want to know how to start a skincare line in NZ, why not delve into new possibilities with our research and development team as your skilled lab partners? Let us know your preferred ingredients, market requirements, and the results your clients would want to see in your skincare line, and we will help you create these products.

You may already have an existing laboratory, shifting your attention to different products, or you want to investigate your brand-new concept before manufacturing. Our comprehensive service gives you the data, research, and science behind your product efficacy.

Let us advise you on choosing lab equipment, formulae and processes for the best results. We can train your manufacturing team, and help with the first production run. During manufacturing, we will be on-site in your lab to guide your technicians during the first batch.

We will test leading-edge formulas for you according to global standards. We have invented sundry health and beauty products that are globally well-known because they meet consumer expectations.

When you work with us, you can rely on confidentiality plus ongoing support, and we hand the intellectual property over to our clients in all instances, meaning you have ownership of the formulas.

Do You Want to Take an Innovative Brand Concept to Market?

We always encourage natural ingredients in the wellness and beauty industries, and we are here to help you develop thoroughly tested product formulations. From formula creation to brand design, our team will provide support throughout the process. Reach out and let us help you bring your vision to life.

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