We are an international team of chemists, creating bespoke formulations for the skincare, beauty and wellness market, promoting the use of natural and innovative ingredients.



Unique formulae, designed to your specifications: crafted by us, owned by you. You have an idea, we will source the ingredients that fulfil it. Or simply choose your base ingredient and we’ll create a safe, tested formula to meet your needs.


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Thinking of starting a new beauty line or expanding your existing range? Our professional consultation service will ensure that your concepts are achievable.


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In-vivo and in-vitro product testing

We can provide testing to ensure your products meet or exceed safety standards; including PET, stability testing, patch testing and Cosmetic Product Safety Reports for sales in the EU.


We're in the spotlight

We are known for developing personal care products to market readiness with the world’s best cosmeticians behind us. So well-known that now, we have been voted best Personal Care Developer by Corporate Vision International.


R&D Tax Incentive scheme

R&D Tax Incentive Scheme

Beautiful Solutions is an approved research provider under the R&D Tax Incentive Scheme. This means you may be able to claim the R&D tax credit for services we provide to you, provided you meet certain criteria.


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Microbiome-Friendly Certification

Beautiful Solutions is now the sole representative for Australia, South Pacific and New Zealand of MyMicrobiome, a certification body founded 2018 in Europe.


Partner with a Beauty Expert in NZ To Launch Your Skincare Line

In-depth knowledge of evolving trends, raw ingredients, and cosmetic product testing allows our beauty expert team based in NZ to successfully secure your concept into a fully functional brand.

What to Know About Our Dermatological Testing?

“Dermatologically tested” is a common term among beauty and skincare products. As medical professionals who concentrate solely on skin health, it’s safe to say that dermatologists only sign off on cosmetics that pass the tests required for dermatologically tested certification.

While there are several ways to test new cosmetics, a common method used is the patch test, conducted by dermatologists worldwide. Using the patch test technique is essential to our commitment to ensuring your products maintain the latest standards in the beauty industry.

Including the appropriate accreditation in your new product line enables us to incorporate the “dermatologically tested” logo on your packaging, further promoting the validity and efficacy of your brand.

Can Hypoallergenic Testing Further Enhance My Product Line?

Labels emblazoned with ‘hypoallergenic tested’ instil a level of confidence for your customers that your product won’t irritate their skin. Our services comprise testing on various skin types, including those suffering from eczema and psoriasis, to ensure your cosmetics are kind to the most sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic products usually contain little to no artificial fragrances and colourants, minimising the chance of an allergic reaction. Our head cosmetic chemist is passionate about creating natural formulas that are gentle on sensitive skin types.

Long-established links in the cosmetics industry allow us to partner with reputable testing labs that result in accurate and reliable outcomes translating into high-quality products.

Invest In a Cosmetic Scientist for Your Skincare Line

Our thorough understanding of pairing ingredients and choosing preservative systems for your formula allows us to use the classic components we know are beneficial for the skin. Apart from our team of highly experienced chemists, our clinical trial manager, and our accredited perfumer, we boast a business development and innovation manager who can take your concept to a successful completion.

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